The 5 Best Finance Podcasts for South Africans

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Do you think you know about finance? According to the most recent study, only 42% of South Africans are financially literate.

One of the easiest ways to learn about finance is by plugging into podcasts that unpack the complicated world of finance. These are 5 finance podcasts that will help you get a grip on your finances.

Stripped Money Conversations

Stripped Money Conversations with Lungile Mashigo podcast cover image.

This financial podcast is hosted by Lungile Mashigo and aims to strip down money terms that are often misunderstood so her audience can make their money work for them. She chats with top business minds, authors, influencers, inspiring individuals, and brands to uncover their financial philosophies, wins, failures, and habits.

Like Geddes, the Stripped Money Podcast keeps finance simple. This no-jargon podcast is accessible for everyone - whether you’re a finance veteran or you’re just wanting to save some money while you redecorate your home.

The Money Show

The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield podcast cover.

Most South Africans are probably already familiar with 702’s The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield. But now, you can listen to the show's archive in podcast format. The best part is that the show is broken into bite-size chunks so you can stay in the know, even if you’ve only got 3 minutes to listen.

The show segments, taken from full episodes which are also available, cover topics like “Do unions matter?” and “Should you take a balloon payment?”. These big questions are answered in a matter of minutes with the inclusion of experts.

Personal Finance with Warren Ingram

Personal Finance with Warren Ingram podcast cover.

This show is podcast gold mined from the above Money Show on 702. Bruce Whitfield asks Warren Ingram, the Director of Galileo Capital, our burning questions about personal finance. Personal Finance with Warren Ingram covers topics including financial planning for retirement, education savings, and leaving money after death.

Whether you need to know how to teach your kids about money or you want to know when the best time to invest on the JSE is, Ingram equips his audience with essential skills for navigating the complexities of personal finance.

JSE Direct

JSE direct with Simon Brown podcast cover.

With 500 episodes to date, JSE Direct is a weekly podcast about investing on the JSE with Simon Brown. The episodes, which are usually around 20 minutes long, include a run-through of market events as well as some sound insights about investment opportunities.

If you’re interested in investing on the JSE, you won’t want to miss an episode. But be sure to have your notebook open while you listen as this podcast is full of numbers worth taking note of.

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Finance for Hippies

Finance For Hippies podcast cover.

This podcast is very different from the others we’ve discussed in this article. Finance for Hippies, hosted by Ndarkie and Teethswag, unpacks finance for people working in the creative space. The co-hosts bring a younger, more fun approach to talking about money, making their podcast a must-listen for millennials who want to start making smarter decisions about saving.

They discuss topics like art collecting, the music industry, investing on a hippy budget, and adulting with your finances. While this show takes a lighter approach than traditional money shows, it's full of good insight for even better returns.

That’s 5 financial podcasts we love. If you give them a listen and like what you hear, let us know on LinkedIn. If you’d like assistance with unlocking cash to get ahead financially, get in touch with our team and we’ll find the best funding fit for you.

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