Brent Geddes

Brent spends his days staying in touch with the ongoings in the business and passionately building the brand. It’s his job to make sure the company stays on course, in order to realise Geddes' vision of being the most approachable supplier of funding to small and medium-sized businesses in South Africa.

From Fruit to Future-Focussed Funding

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to both financing and experience. My career, which has moved from fruit to future-focused funding, is a testament to that philosophy.

I started at Accenture before spending 11 years at Rand Merchant Bank working in several roles across Private Equity, Treasury, RMB’s strategy for Africa, and Commodities Trading. In 2008, I founded the largest pomegranate producer in South Africa.

I combined my experience from investment banking and agricultural production, with the extensive networks built up during my career, to start Geddes Capital.

I’m inspired by SMEs

Having been the founder of a South African SME in the agriculture industry, I understand the challenges these businesses face. These include the high cost of running a business and excessive red tape, as well as access to markets, financing and technical knowledge.

I started Geddes Capital with a clear goal to support South African SMEs in facing and conquering these challenges with creative and future-focussed funding. These businesses play an important role in our local economy, including providing employment opportunities.

Treating each business individually is extremely important to me. At Geddes Capital, we consider each application in its own right, taking into account the company’s growth trajectory. As a result, SMEs are able to make the most of present opportunities and move closer to achieving the future they deserve.

Get to know Brent

  • When I was little I wanted to be an...
    Entrepreneur. I used to sell a lot of things at the station or wherever I could…even my parent’s old books
  • My mantra is...
    Think big, start small and start now. And also, business should be able to be done on a handshake… unfortunate that it is difficult these days.
  • What’s something you failed at and learnt a lesson?
    We have rushed into a few investments without doing the proper due diligence… sometimes one is so keen to do a deal that you end up doing something where you haven’t done the right amount of homework and things can go badly either with the investment itself or the relationship between the parties involved.
  • What’s something you succeeded at that you’re proud of?
    Raising my children to be good, honest and empathetic people
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