Sophie Hunter

Sophie runs the trade finance business. She spends her time working closely with clients across the continent, identifying and optimizing the best risk-adjusted trade finance opportunities. When not in the office, she's most likely on a plane conducting the exotic (and not so exotic) site visits for new and current clients.

Tackling the trade finance gap head-on

I began my career working for a bulge bracket accountancy firm. I then turned my attention to optimising the logistics processes for Agricultural companies trading between Africa and Asia. Most recently, I managed African operations for a London Listed Agricultural and forestry company.

My role at Geddes involves working under pressure and thinking on my feet. The trade finance gap has become a very real problem for South African SMEs who are finding it more difficult than ever to obtain the financial services required for sustainable growth. My cumulative work experience in multiple roles around the world has certainly prepared me to tackle this problem head-on.

There is always a solution

I believe that the most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with South African SMEs is that every SME is different. This is why creativity and flexibility are essential in the work we do at Geddes Capital Commodities.

My personal mantra is that there is always a solution, the challenge is choosing the best one. At GCC, we find the best solution for each SME by assessing and understanding their requirements to provide the best structures regarding financing, collateral and security whilst optimizing scalability and growth.

I hope to build GCC into an innovative company that enables growth and movement for SMEs, despite the trade gap they’re facing. With the right mix of creativity and flexibility, I want to make missed opportunities due to lack of funding a thing of the past.

Get to know Sophie

  • When Sophie was little she wanted to be...
    An air hostess and a lawyer.
  • What’s something you failed at and learnt a lesson?
    The list is long. The main lesson I learned is that failure is fundamental for growth, whether it be professionally or personally. In the words of Albert Einstein ‘A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new’.
  • What’s something you succeeded at and are proud of?
    Being able to accept when I am wrong. Being accountable for your own actions is a very important (yet difficult) skill to finesse.


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