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Our experience and service can empower you to capitalise on current opportunities and create the future for your business.

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At Geddes, we raise the bar when it comes to raising capital by striving to remove anything that stands between you and a prosperous tomorrow. Our experienced team is friendly, our terms are transparent, and our application process is fast and simple. Because we understand that opportunities don’t wait around forever.

We work for your business

Our small team has worked on 4 continents including 10 African countries. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, we know what it takes to support you in reaching your goals.
Your business is your dream, your funder should believe in it too. We won’t hold you back with slow loan approvals. We’ll get behind your business like it's our own because your success is our success.

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That’s why we funded the future for one of our farming clients. It’s what we call creative, future-focused funding. And it’s what sets us apart.
Read more about how we supported our farming clients through one of the worst droughts the Northern Cape has seen in centuries.
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