Trade Finance

Grow your business and free up cash

Grow your business and free up cash flow using our trade finance facilities. We offer a range of trade finance funding lines to small and medium-size companies to support your physical commodity transactions. All our trade finance facilities are structured, but often individually tailored to suit our clients’ requirements. We consider the below types of transactions:

  • Pre-export trade finance
  • Letter of Credit
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Import Trade Finance
  • Purchase Order (PO) Finance

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Why Trade Finance is good for you:

Large Amounts

Our loans range between R500k and R7 million per deal.

Flexible Payment Structures

We offer flexible payments and terms to suit your business’s cash flow. We can offer interest-only loans, partial capital payments or alternatively offer a residual at the end of the loan period. Chat with us and we will put something together which suits your business and its cash flow.


Secured finance products are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service, providing greater peace of mind to you the borrower.

How it works:


Fill out our application or contact form and one of our friendly financiers will get back to you with what they need to get going.


We can advance 100% of the loan upfront, depending on your unique needs.


Alternatively, we will consider offering a monthly fixed fee which will be calculated based on the trade margin, trade turn-around time and risk.

It's right for you if...

You are a commodity trader with a credible business.

Trade cycles do not last longer than 90 days.

You have a trading track history of at least 12 months.

The product being funded is tangible and complete for the end-buyer.

You have a high margin trade cycle (minimum of 15%).

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How do payments work?

What interest rate do we charge?

Do you have a minimum-profit margin threshold that you would consider funding a trade?

What security do you require for a trade cycle?

Do you fund traders with little or no trade history?

What products do we fund?

What deal size would you consider funding?

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