Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply?

Geddes Capital’s initial funding application (as in the first step) takes place primarily online. Head over to and click on the Apply Now button at the top right, then simply follow the steps to secure the funding you need.

How long does the application take?

The initial online application takes less than 2 minutes to complete. We know everyone hates filling out forms, so feel free to give us a call on 021 300 0211. and let us know if you need help or want clarity.

How long will it take to process my application?

It all depends on you. No pressure! Provided we have all the necessary information, approval can be given within 24 hours.

When will the money be paid into my account?

We can make payment in as little as 48 hours, provided we have all the relevant documents and information.

What are your payment terms?

Because we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to funding, we like to be flexible to suit our clients’ needs. We typically prefer a minimum funding of 3 months but we are happy to fund you for up to 36 months or longer.

Can I have flexible payment terms

We can offer interest-only loans as well as adjust your payments to suit your business’s cash flow. We strive to look for new ways around anything that stands between our clients and their business success.

What if I want to settle early?

We say go for it. If you would like to settle early, no penalties will be charged.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts of finance I can apply for?

We are happy to assist you with between R500,000 and R7 million.

How are you different from other lenders and banks?

Our approach to funding is future-focused, and our process is fast and creative with transparent costing. We offer payments that suit your business’s cash flow needs and are happy to work with you to structure something customised for you.

What are the requirements to apply for funding?

Although we are super flexible, we do have some base requirements. Your business must have a minimum annual turnover of R2 000,000, and your business must have been actively trading for at least one year.

Do you offer personal loans?

No, we only offer funding to registered South African companies, close corporations and sole proprietors who are VAT registered.

My business does not meet the minimum requirements but I have some larger contracts lined up. Will you still consider my funding?

Absolutely, we will consider future income and projections. Give us a buzz we can talk you through it. We always strive to see potential, not problems.

Can I apply for funding for a startup or new business?

We do not normally fund start-ups, however, we will look at your future projections and the type of security you can offer and make a decision based on that. That’s because we consider each application in its own right, taking into account the company’s growth trajectory.

Does my business information remain confidential?

Yes, all information submitted is treated confidentially and will only be used by the Geddes Capital team to assess your application and funding needs.

Is Geddes Capital registered with any financial bodies?

Good question. Yes, we are registered with the NCR and are an authorised financial service provider.

Can I come to your office to complete a form?

Sure, we are always happy to meet our customers in person. We do however suggest you fill in the details online first or give us a buzz on 021 3000211.

Do you only fund businesses in Johannesburg and Cape Town?

We have customers all over South Africa.

Can I use my assets to secure funding?

Yes, in fact, we only offer secured funding.

Can I apply if my business has a listing or judgement?

Adverse listings and judgements are always a challenge. We are happy to consider each one on a case by case basis. It might be worth calling us to discuss this directly.

How do I sign the legal agreement?

Most of our agreements are signed digitally. Should there be any documentation thatyou need to sign in person, our legal team will arrange to meet you at a convenient place and time.

How do I make changes to my application details?

You can contact our support team at

What if my business is not registered for VAT?

VAT registration isn’t a necessity. We will however need a statement of account from SARS.


Do I need to submit financial statements?

We will require your latest management accounts and at least one full year of annual financials.

How does Geddes Capital use my online banking profile?

Your profile is safe with us. When you link your bank account during the application process, neither our service provider nor Geddes Capital have permission to perform any payments, transfers or other transactions using your information. We will see your transactions as read-only. Geddes Capital uses your financial data for the sole purpose of assessing whether you qualify for business finance.

Can I send you bank statements instead?

While we much prefer using our digital link, you can upload your latest 3 month’s formal bank statements in PDF format. Normally, these can be downloaded for free from your online banking platform. Please be advised that scanned copies are unsuitable as we will not be able to extract the data automatically. This will likely result in the approval process taking longer.