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Can I apply for funding for a startup or new business?

Can I apply if my business has a listing or judgement?

Can I come to your office to complete a form?

Can I have flexible payment terms?

Can I send you bank statements instead?

Can I use Invoice Discounting on an ad hoc basis?

Can I use my assets to secure funding?

Do I need to submit financial statements?

Do you fund traders with little or no trade history?

Do you have a minimum-profit margin threshold that you would consider funding a trade?

Do you offer personal loans?

Do you only fund businesses in Johannesburg and Cape Town?

Does my business information remain confidential?

How are payments managed?

How are you different from other lenders and banks?

How do I apply?

How do I make changes to my application details?

How do I sign the legal agreement?

How do payments work?

How do you interact with customers?

How does Geddes Capital use my online banking profile?

How does inventory funding work?

How long does the application take?

How long will it take to process my application?

I've got a close relationship with my customers. How will they react when Geddes Capital's Invoice Discounting starts dealing with them?

Is Geddes Capital registered with any financial bodies?

My business does not meet the minimum requirements but I have some larger contracts lined up. Will you still consider my funding?

What are the costs associated with Invoice Discounting?

What are the minimum and maximum amounts of finance I can apply for?

What are the requirements to apply for funding?

What are your payment terms?

What deal size would you consider funding?

What if I have ceded my debtors book to the bank already?

What if I want to settle early?

What if my business is not registered for VAT?

What interest rate do we charge?

What is invoice discounting?

What is the difference between Invoice Discounting and Factoring?

What products do we fund?

What security do you require for a trade cycle?

What security is needed for Invoice Discounting?

What sort of business is best suited to inventory finance?

When will the money be paid into my account?

Which type of finance is most appropriate to finance the purchase of inventories?

Who handles everything?

Will I lose control of my collections?

Will the administrative charges and interest rates erode my margins?

Won't my customers think that my business is in trouble when they discover that I am discounting my debtor's book?

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