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Turn your lease into cash immediately.

Why wait for a year? Get your future rental payments today.

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Lease funding is a simple and fast way to get a lump sum of money from your rental income that can be used to expand your property portfolio or capitalise on a business opportunity.

In short, you get an advance on your future rental payments, and we collect the rent directly from your tenant, on your behalf.

How it works:


Get in contact

Contact us at and share the requested details.

Get approved

If eligible, you will receive an approval notice with all the required paperwork.

Get money

You receive a lump sum of money, while we collect your rental on your behalf.

It's right for you if...

You want to free up your capital. It‘s an easy way to obtain rental income in advance.

You need immediate cash to do repairs and maintenance to your property.

You don’t want to miss out. We know that the perfect property or investment opportunity won’t wait around. That’s why we offer this service - so you can embrace current opportunities that will lead to a more prosperous future.

You want to save time and labour. We do all the following up and chasing of rental payments (bad debts aside) so you can focus on growing your property portfolio or business.

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