Bridging Finance

Increase your business cash flow quickly.

Geddes Capital offers Bridging Finance as one of its many different business funding services for South African companies. Our bridge finance offering breaks the mould by delivering finance in creative ways in days, not months.

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Bridging Finance, or a bridge loan, is a short-term loan that allows your company to “bridge” the gap to longer-term funding solutions. These loans typically have a term of 3 months to three years and are secured by property.

How it works:


Apply online today.


Once approved, we’ll take you through some quick paperwork.


We advance the cash into your account immediately.

It's right for you if...

You don't have 4 months to wait around for the bank to get back to you.

You've been rejected by banks because you "don't tick all their boxes".

You are looking for a short-term loan to bridge the gap to longer-term funding solutions.

You are looking to increase your business cash flow, quickly!

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