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“We have used the RetailRockIT product offering at Geddes Capital, and it has been brilliant. As a supplier to Takealot, we have been able to utilise this kind of supply chain finance platform to great effect, and improve our cashflow. Dealing with the Geddes team has also been a pleasure, they are customer focused and solution orientated, and the set up process was really simple.”

Dirk Hildebrandt

We understand the  eCommerce  industry

South Africa’s eCommerce industry is fast-growing and full of opportunities. But it's near impossible to predict how much stock you need or to fund that volume of stock. Cybersecurity also poses a huge threat to online shopping businesses that don’t have the time or money to set up the level of cybersecurity required to keep their own and their customer’s information safe.

That’s why Geddes Capital provides fast, accessible funding for the online retail industry so you can build a seamless online shopping experience without fear of running out of stock or exposure to cyber threats. Because when you have the necessary funding, your eCommerce business thrives.

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At Geddes, we know that business funding isn’t one size fits all. If you’re unsure about which of our services will be most beneficial for your business, leave us a message and our team will be in touch shortly.
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