What is inventory financing?

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Maximise your eCommerce sales and increase cash flow with RetailRockIT

If you have stock sitting in a warehouse somewhere that isn’t selling and burning a huge hole in your pocket, you should look into inventory finance

With inventory finance, you can have enough stock that you’ll never run out and you can have cash in your pocket at the same time. Here’s everything you need to know about RetailRockIT

What is inventory financing?

Inventory financing is a way to fuel your business by having your inventory financed by a third party. Put simply, it's a way to finance your inventory that protects you from running out of stock, keeps your pockets full, and ensures that no stock is sitting for long periods of time. 

Here’s how it works with RetailRockIT: 

  1. Find the fastest sellers. We use a custom algorithm with RockIT Science to identify fast-selling products and their optimal inventory holding, so you don't waste money on stock that isn't moving fast.
  2. RetailRockIT buys the stock for or from you. If you've already bought stock, we'll buy it from you. You can use the freed-up cash to punt your business on online marketplaces whilst still fully controlling the stock and your sales.
  3. Only pay when you sell. When the product sells on a marketplace, a small selling price-based fee is charged. No sale, no fee. So, there's no risk to your business debt or personal financial position.

Who is inventory financing good for? 

Inventory Finance is particularly good for small businesses in eCommerce, especially those selling on large marketplaces such as Takealot.

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If you are preparing for busy seasons such as Christmas and Black Friday, inventory financing is likely the only way that you can ensure that you’ll have enough stock while also having room in your budget for marketing, improving software, and hiring extra hands to handle the influx of sales.

Benefits of inventory financing for eCommerce businesses 

Your stock on hand becomes more valuable, immediately. 

Stock sitting in a warehouse waiting to be sold can be a huge burden on your company’s cashflows and growth trajectory — every day that it sits waiting to be sold is another day it’s not earning for you! Your inventory finance provider will purchase your stock from you as soon as it arrives at the storage facility, whilst you maintain full control of this stock and the sales from start to finish. Instead of having to wait months to generate enough revenue to place a repeat order with your supplier, you can immediately start re-cycling your capital, putting it to good use, and improving your earning potential.

Your reputation improves

Running out of stock can cause havoc for any seller. Reputational damage to buyers and extra penalties incurred with the marketplace provider can devastate a growing business. RetailRockIT uses a proprietary algorithm to identify your fast-selling products as well as the optimal inventory holding to ensure that you never run out of stock again. This will further improve your standing with your suppliers, enabling regular, on-time payments and a stronger position to negotiate better rates and payment terms.

This isn’t a loan- no interest or fixed rates apply!

Inventory finance with RetailRockIT works on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning there are no fixed payments. You only pay for the stock when you sell it, so you will never be out of pocket! 

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Inventory financing with RetailRockIT 

RetailRockIT is Geddes Capital’s offering to help you fuel your eCommerce business with inventory finance. We give SMEs the funding they need to build the future they deserve. 

If you’re interested in adding RockIT fuel to your business with inventory finance, these are the requirements we look for: 

  1. Your products are fast-moving and sold on a marketplace platform.
  2. Your monthly turnover is above R100k
  3. Your products have profit margins above 40%
  4. You can show 6 months’ worth of sales’ data
  5. You want to free up cash for a 2 to 6-month period.

Apply now to fund your stock with RetailRockIT. 

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